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Writer's Block: My Town

Describe one thing about your hometown that's unusual or unique -- maybe there's an interesting statue or landmark, a special event occurs there, or it's the Official Home of Something.

I came across this question and just had to answer it.

I think the best thing about my town (or any town really) are the little insider jokes that only people who have lived here their whole lives really laugh at. Well at least all my friends and family. Granted there are a million other things I could mention, such as the Studebaker company or that the 17th vice president of the United States is buried here or some other weird little fact that only a few select people really know, but there is one thing that tops the rest in my mind. And that is this little joke about a little place called Notre Dame, Indiana.

I live in South Bend, Indiana; never heard of it? Ok, have you ever heard of Notre Dame University; bet you have. Contrary to popular belief there really is no such thing as Notre Dame, Indiana. Yeah, it might seem like it if you look on Google and the campus is about the size of a city and only getting larger; but it is not a city.

I love meeting people here and after talking to them for only a few minutes I can tell if they were born and raised here or not. If you mention Notre Dame, Indiana; I am going to giggle and ask when you moved to town.

So, when I say where I am from talking to other people I say South Bend and they look at me a little oddly so I laugh and say, Notre Dames there. And they usually respond with a few nods and a sound of understanding. But in my mind and sometimes out loud I like to think of it as "South Bend, the home of Notre Dame. Well kinda depending on who you ask. Some people think they moved."


Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!

Bon anniversaire,
nos vœux les plus sincères
Que ces quelques fleurs
vous apportent le bonheur
Que l'année entière vous
soit douce et légère
Et que l'an fini,
nous soyons tous réunis
Pour chanter en chœur:
"Bon Anniversaire!"


Traditional Happy Birthday Song Lyrics

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Shelley
Happy Birthday to You.

From good friends and true,
From old friends and new,
May good luck go with you,
And happiness too.

Alternative ending:
How old are you?
How old are you?
How old, How old
How old are you?

Ah, 22 feels grand.

Fast Food Places in the News

So, I heard about the Taco Bell incident from earlier and first I am thinking, "Ok, totally stand behind him. I would ram my car into the side of Taco Bell is someone forgot my chili cheese burrito." Then I heard that it was for a dollar taco. Ok, son. Now I think you have went a little to far.

Is this how normal people react to a messed up order. Am I abnormal because I usually let it go unless it is really messed up. I.E., either allergic to it or really expensive.

If I go to a restaurant and pay 30 dollars for a steak dinner medium rare and I get the meal and it is well done I am going to ask to have it redone. Because for 30 bucks a piece I expect to get what I ordered. But I still won't ram my car into the building.

I mean am I wrong? Was he a little out of line?

Get a grip on reality people. Be polite and remember every one is human. People make mistakes. Get over it.

If you thought the car into the side of Taco Bell was funny look into when McDonalds vandalized on May 21, 2012. Here is a link to a story.

McDonald's Vandalized: Onions on Burgers Send TN Men on McRampage



So, I really hate getting messages on these kinds of sites where some guy is all "Hey, I got tons of money why don't you message me and we can meet up so I can spend all my riches on you."

I mean really? Who do you expect to attract with a message like that. Some ditzy blonde coed, with an IQ smaller then my shoe size. Well, I guess if you try to use the message that might be all you are looking for with some dumber then dirt chick.

Oh, how Facebook annoys me. I only had a minute but I really had to gripe for a second.


Dark Shadows

So, I went to see Dark Shadows the other day, has any one else seen it? I would recommend it, if you enjoy Tim Burton Films, its a really joy. The actors in the movie were great, it was definitely an entertaining film but I can not for the life of me pin down a specific genre.

I watched the movie and while it was funny I would not say it was strictly a comedy. But the next time one of my brothers starts dating someone I will critic them on their 'birthing hips'. So, it was funny but I don't think funny enough to be classified as a comedy.

Then you have a love story going on, but no I wouldn't say the movie was very romantic. I think it had the potential to be a romantic. Although a true romantic love story would have been hard to come to fruition when Barnabas'(Johnny Depp) love interest, Victoria Winters/Josette DuPres (Bella Heathcote), was only on the screen for maybe twenty minutes the entire movie.

This is not to say that Barnabas never received any loving, with a small cast Barnabas was able to have an affair with almost everyone in the film that he was not related to. Of course if you did not notice his risque behavior with the aforementioned female cast, you might have noticed a few of the more brow raising innuendos that slipped into the pg-13 rating. But I digress, but a warning to parents make sure that you don't simply let kids watch films because it says pg-13 or pg. It means parental guidance for a reason, look into the film a little before taking young children to a movie.

Aside from the romance there was definitely drama. If you don't find enough drama in the love triangle going on start watching the angst ridden daughter or look towards the father son relationship that dominates a good chunk of the film. But still not enough drama to say it was a true drama either.

Then we have horror. Now I admit the movie could be a little creepy at times, again I have come to expect it from Tim Burton. But while it was creepy it was not really scarey. Sure they tried hard enough what with the ghosts, vampires, werewolves and bleeding walls. But the movie just wasn't scarey enough to really qualify as a horror film.

Overall if there was one genre that really stuck with me the entire film it was family. While yes the movie had its fair share of comedy, romance, drama and horror, through out it all the idea of family flourished, I admit with some exceptions. But even Barnabas when locked up for hundreds of years is released he thinks only of helping the family. While Dark Shadows has a multitude of genres the overriding theme through the entire movie is family. They stood by each other no matter the situation and while they might not have over came the situation in a happy non bloody way, the love for family was always there.

If you have not seen the movie I recommend it and if you have I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


Sheldon Wrong???

So I am listening to an episode of The Big Bang Theory as background noise and Sheldon said something that made me stop and think did he really say that. The writers made a mistake, I would tell them if I knew their number.The episode is The Gothowitz Deviation Season 3, Episode 3.

Sheldon says he can train Penny in a week using positive reinforcement. Ok, so far so good, she does something right she gets a candy. Giving her a candy is adding something to the situation (Positive) and the goal is to have the good behavior occur more (reinforcement). Then Sheldon goes on to say that he could train her before they go to bed using negative reinforcement and Leonard replies that he is not going to spray her in the face and Sheldon say's no he would use mild electric shock. And this my friends is where we see the mistake.

Spraying her in the face/electrocuting her when she did something wrong would be positive punishment. The spray/shock is added (positive) to lower the frequency of the behavior (punishment).

Yea, who says school doesn't teach you anything?

Writer's Block: Pros and Cons

Cell Phones are horrible. I understand that it is a convenience but come on people you do not need it to be glued to your hand 24/7.

I know people that are old enough that they went half their lives without cell phones but now they panic if they are going to the store and forget their phone. I have also been with people that turn around to get their phone when they are almost to the store and they only have to run in for a few things.

How has technology benefited the world? Or has it worsened it?

Writer's Block: Spring Cleaning

Old school papers and old clothes.

What do you really need to get rid of?

Writer's Block: Say What?

Would you rather:
Fill a large pail with beach sand using only your mouth or Chew and swallow one pound of raw seaweed or kelp? It's a difficult question to answer. What would you choose?

What is the weirdest question you’ve ever been asked?

Writer's Block: Million Dollar Smile

A dollar or two. But I was always freaked out by someone coming into my room when I was sleeping so I didn't normally put the teeth out.

What is the most amount of money the tooth fairy has given you for a tooth?